Green Micro Credentials pathways: Upskill and Reskilling Low Skilled Adults for Lifelong Learning

Europe’s Sustainability & Green agendas are providing opportunities for companies to grow where they invest in technologies, digitisation, materials, and skills to reduce carbon emissions and enhance energy efficiencies.

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Specific goals

Digital Platform

What is the ‘Green MiCred Pathways’ platform?

A Virtual learning environment with short courses, assessment tools, learning materials and information. The training courses will be designed in the platform based on an online microlearning methodology, allowing the learner to consume the course contents in small pieces and decide how, when and where to do it.

Digital platform

A Mobility enabling tool containing a database for mobility options in all partners countries and search engine for mobility inquires of both adult learners and training staff.

The platform will be available in August 2024.
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Our partnership

‘Green MiCred Pathways’ combines a mixture of partners that allow interactions and exchange between education providers of different levels and industry representatives.
Our partnership consists of 16 partners from 7 European countries (Sweden, Bulgaria, Ireland, Latvia, Macedonia, Spain, The Netherlands).

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